Friday, September 17, 2010

Jenni Rivera no longer receive money for the exclusive wedding?

They say that after the honeymoon, has the gall moon and that could happen to the singer Jenni Rivera to return to Los Angeles, California.

After a magazine published photos from the wedding singer , Jenni amount say courage because it is rumored that she had sold exclusive rights to their wedding to People magazine , who at the beginning of Octobre, publish the photographs.

They say that the magazine had already given her some money on the commitment and the other party would be later, but this may not happen because it will not be an exclusive as the other review came forward to publish the photographs.

Among those who took the photos without the authorization of the singer are marked Diana Reyes, because she put her photos on twitter with some wedding guests, so say it was the first I call Jenni.

The singer still does not know how that slipped these photos, if no phones or cameras allowed to enter the party, someone entered Jenni a camera hidden desapersivido happened.

Now the Diva of Banda they say is now desperate to know who was or who sold the photographs to another publication, because those who bought him the exclusive say they will not give the money elsewhere.

Were saying earlier that the Diva had not sold the exclusive to anyone, but as far as walking is angry because he ate the groceries.

They also said the wedding would only friends of the couple, but apparently also reached the enemy, undercover friends. We hope we have that says the Journal of the exclusive and Jenni says all this scandal. Do you refuse?

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