Saturday, December 11, 2010

Elle Fanning love to act with Dakota

Sister Dakota Fanning, Elle Says he has not had the opportunity act next to his sister, however much you like work somewhere film with Dakota.

Here is a short interview made for Elle where comments on the secondary, Brad Pitt, her sister and Marilyn Monroe:

Upon entering high school: "I just started seventh grade, so I'm like," Oh my god! "I was very nervous at first ... but I'm doing well. I like artistic things too, I love that. But I also like science, for some reason. I like to know why things happen”

About work with Brad Pitt: "I never had any scenes with him in that movie (Babel) because he was filming in Morocco and I was in Mexico. But there was a day when we were working on the same day in Los Angeles, and got to know him, so it was really cool. It's like "We've been in two films together, but I've never known"

Given clothes with her sister Dakota: "We like the same size. I am taller than her, however. . . . . He does not like at all (laughs). Still share. I place myself in your closet and grab things and I wear them. She is a senior, so it's going to college soon. "

The dream of being Marilyn Monroe: "I love the look and everything. I saw The Seven Year Itch [1955] and loved it. I saw it all the time when I was young and I liked the Dress. Also, of course, I love to do something with my sister. I've never played her before. He acted like it a bit younger but has never been in the same scene together. "


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