Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift romantic tour by car to Los Angeles

Jake Gyllenhaal has not had time to return to Australia that is literally over his beautiful Taylor Swift, this time for a romantic drive around Beverly Hills. But the paparazzi have persecuted them so Jake called the police who spoke with car and helicopter.

After the photo Us Weekly outputs on the newest and odd couple is constantly dogged. So when Jake went to take Taylor with its Audi Q7 found himself behind a swarm of photographers who immortalized the couple. But as Jake did not particularly appreciate the publicity has called for reinforcements.

Not only police cars, but spoke even a helicopter. The photos, however, have come out anyway. Meanwhile it emerged another detail of this report. There seems to be the hand of Gwyneth Paltrow, who had invited the two to an intimate dinner in London with husband Chris Martin, November 13 already.

What does Gwyneth? She was a friend, just think, 'the former Jake: Reese Wither spoon. It seems a little 'a-face, but then the story had been closed for a while', and just by Reese.

And there's another person who risks being taken for turnaround. This is the same as Jake's sister, Maggie, who has just declared that Taylor would prefer the former:

Although Maggie and Reese have many more things in common, Maggie thinks that Taylor is much easier to have around. With Reese everything revolved around her, as with Taylor. This must be more or less what he thinks even Jake.

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