Saturday, December 11, 2010

The return of Reese Witherspoon

Unbelievable but true: For two years, Reese Witherspoon film no longer rotated. Now she is celebrating with the romantic comedy "How Do You Know" alongside Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson, their recurrence in the movie business. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, for the current week's issue to see is the cover on she spoke about what she has done in those two years, and why it took so long until she turned a new movie.

"I just do not read what I liked. There are many really, really, really great films about robots, and so - but there is no place for a 34 year old woman in a robot movie, "said the mother of two, why, apart from the 3D film" Monsters vs... Alien "in which she played a role in synchronization was seen in two years no longer in theaters.

The actress, although she recently a Star Walk of Fame was given to normal remained quite and colleagues is not as some of her private life peddled by. About the rumors of her alleged engagement Jim Toth it says: "My mum always writes things like 'Will you marry? " and I'm like, 'Come on, Mom! You would know if I would marry! "Goodling your own name of" Cruel Intentions "star claims to only if they can not even suffer, because you never read the positive, but only the things where something nasty said to be an above.

In her new film Reese plays Lisa, a passionate softball player. When she is thrown out by her team, she begins an affair with the self-satisfied, Matty. But before the relationship gets really serious, she gets to know George, who has a difficult relationship with his father. In a witty and romantic triangle story is soon to see Reese again in German cinemas and be enchanted all of us so that we do not involve more than two years of abstinence so long.

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