Friday, September 24, 2010

When the catwalk to trip-traps - here "is" a model for Burberry!

How are the poor half-starved models keep on your feet? No calories, but mile-high heels! Catwalk model is simply a true nightmare. Maybe it was not at all on balance, but to the terrible music that's going on in the background. When the howling of Pottschalk could not concentrate and would definitely lose his sense of coordination. However, I would own fashion designer, I would smear the catwalk beautifully with lots of floor wax, because that falling models are somehow funny and cares for a lot of PR.

To be fair, I would but first the girls outfitters with knee pads. A whole fashion collection, presented by falling and falling models. Was there something like this? Maybe the pot so now anyone Schalk delivers the necessary inspiration! Now there but for now the current model lies down on the nose for Burberry video of the London Fashion Week:

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