Friday, October 8, 2010

Barbara Anne's father is not known whether pregnant or not

After yesterday Twitter began to circulate rumors that the singer Ana Barbara might be pregnant again, his father Don Antero Ugalde was extremely taken aback by the possibility that her daughter could give a new grandson.

"I think we better give me their condolences because they do not really grab me very distracted right now the truth right now I do not know what to think of it because they do things after the race and everything to the race did not go too well."
Interviewed by telephone to the television program 'window', Don Antero Ugalde said he disagreed with the way his daughter has handled its relations, after having announced his breakup with 'The Pirru', is romantically linked José Jaime Gomez, and now with the employer Sacal Elijah, who confirmed his romance herself. Tell us what you think about Ana Barbara?

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