Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Canseco the cast ... And what are the others?

With the forgiveness of Univision management, the public deserves to know what their "new programming strategy" in this "new era" starting. Veteran figures as Cristina Saralegui will air, and others, such as Ana Maria Canseco, a faithful member of 'Despierta America', warn you, from one day to another, they no longer need your services any longer. Further details of the dismissal of Ana Maria Canseco. Who do you think should replace it?

And seems not to matter the loyalty, commitment, and finally, after all, believe in a project. Both tastes beyond, spent more than a decade of their lives to build what is now the leading Hispanic network in the U.S... And sadly, must come to an end as they have no other explanation to give to their fans to say "do not fit the new format." What is the new format? "The banality of women with bodies operated talking about celebrity rumors? Does the handsome men who say nothing to her pretty face?

But others come-on personal opinion, worse, to positions in national spaces. Lilia Luciano, "Escandalo TV" took the option to leave, instead, we all thought that would Maria Jose Barraza, even with all the experience that supports it lacks seasoning on camera, but even with this option we are left .

This week, we had to carry a person, apart from the lack of talent, lack of education, class, and a few lessons could do with diction.

Where does this Elizabeth Lopez? What credentials does apart from having been a finalist in a contest which can not even be called a beauty? Is it worth as little as an audience?

Honesty, respect for Charytin Marisa del Portillo and after many years of television has to share the forum with a person who just received formal education and provides almost nothing or nothing on camera. Hopefully this is an invitation for a week and no further. Let us not be alarmed, if not next week and need the services of Charytin and is replaced by the 'Dancer Reporter. "

And apart from Elizabeth Lopez, who would be the first selected Nacometro this week, we have to talk about Poncho de Anda. What contributes to a different cast of 'Despierta America'? Is a man who can be lover in the eyes of many, but too formal for a space in which more than all that is required is humor, theatrics, special talent for driving.

Poncho de Anda work for these special coverage that we saw so often in Singapore or to be an excellent radio host as the beginnings of his career. But nothing can surprise us in the "new format of Univision."

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