Thursday, October 21, 2010

Carmen Andres Garcia Campuzano threat to the porn video?

The porn video of Actor Andres Garcia and Carmen Campuzano already circulating the public. Carmen accepts she was the video, but maybe because so many questions broke out in this way.

"Entablare demand and will be against whoever is responsible for disseminating this video, to cling to their anchors, because I'm not the fool of anyone,"said the actress in the program Adolfo Infante.

The question for her is thought so pay for the services of lawyers, if they say that up to bury his sister went begging for money.

Carmen also said that he asked to help with the costs of operation of the nose; the strange thing is that all plans to sue not to mention the protagonist of the video, Andres Garcia.

"I can not accuse Andres Garcia, because he was my partner, I always have respected I never managed to swear, nor have I made any comment tendentious"

So the question is why she walked away from his much respected partner?

"Those who are driving this situation pay the consequences; will go to jail or what is. Andres or whoever is responsible"

Will Andrew is also responsible for exposing the model in a porn video? I think she did not think of the consequences of the shooting.

"I have two daughters and if it is to annoy people, well, there are the authorities. I have little ma ago. ... For people who have had access to that video that is found or stolen people close to Andres Garcia. There should be no fools; the people are not going to get more out of me, call it whatever you call it "stated Carmen.

Will this be a direct or indirect Andres Garcia? "Maybe formerly might have taken advantage of the model, but today?

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