Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jessica Simpson has been abandoned once again by her stylist ...

Sad, sad when a love break. For many a celebrity lady but it is likely worse, if it is abandoned by her stylist, because then they do in the end still manage themselves. The fate is now given to Jessica Simpson, for her hair expert and close friend Ken Paves she can now sit. Together they stood for Jessica's reality show "The Price of Beauty" on camera, traveled the globe, leaving the world of Twitter to participate in their fun .

Now is the end of fun and the two go their separate ways. But why has Paves no longer wanted to be more involved with Jessica's hair? Are they too greasy or use them at all the wrong shampoo? A friend of Figaro has Us Weekly the real reason for the separation revealed: "Ken has had enough of just playing second fiddle to the even if Jessica has a new friend again. They crushed the types and they are leaving. Then she comes crawling back with Ken. "So is New Beau Eric Johnson to blame for the whole hair-raising affair. Jealousy is supposed to occur under the best hairdressers. On Jessica probably already has a new stylist or you now Eric's hair brush do? The next hairstyle the blonde will definitely be taken entirely under the microscope.

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