Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lady Gaga offers milk and cookies for the paparazzi

The real lady of pop is her, no doubt about it. Lady Gaga often talked about to put my bizarre, but this time to makea headlines is also his unconventional behavior when dealing with the paparazzi.

As we read on Celebrity Gossip, Miss Germanotta has made a friendly gesture towards the inevitable photographers ready to capture every expression. While he was with some friends at the Westbourne pub London The singer has decided to offer milk and cookies various paparazzi that were waiting outside the room.

The star has twenty-four lost my temper as many have done, and this is certainly a point in its favor. But after having sung the praises of her, we can not, however, not to mention his dress somewhat disturbing, a bit much to remember 'the recent mise made of hair showed off at The Oak Room in New York.

This time it is a version pale pink of the same suit, which in addition to covering a bit 'more pop queen has another peculiarity: ass Stefani is swollen and very long, but then the same effect is also given by combing swab and high shoes.

Meanwhile, the star of "Bad romance" had to cancel his Paris concert because of ongoing strikes in France, where the dates of 22 and 23 October will be postponed to 19 and 20 December.

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