Saturday, October 23, 2010

The latest craze is the airbag collar for cyclists

London. Cater for people unwilling to wear a bicycle helmet because it is the destruction of her carefully coiffed hair, the main contribution, the new invention with the airbag in the collar is certainly a good alternative! The "Hvvding" consists of a nylon bag and jump in a crash within 0.1 seconds off the collar, wraps around the head and neck. Thus, the sensitive parts of the body are at least well protected in a crash.

A small helium cylinder inflates within a millisecond on the "hood-like" Airbag. It was tested in several dummy crash tests with positive success. The special is that the color can be adjusted the collar of the outfit of the cyclist. Since every accident is called as!And even in a violent argument with the boss of the collar could contribute to foreclosure!

Six years puzzled over two Swedish students in the development of this crazy thing bang. Main designer Anna hopes now that the new airbag system will be in the spring of next year in Northern Europe and the UK to buy in the shops. Firstly, the good piece, however, cost € 292.

Anna told this: "The airbag is like a cap has been designed, which surrounds the head of the rider and designed to protect the opening mechanism is controlled by sensors that detect an abnormal movement when the cyclist is building an accident...”

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