Sunday, October 24, 2010

Men and Women, Mario De Felice said: "To Andrea still like Ramona"

What we are to bring back, frankly, not 'a story that leaves us very surprised. Raise your hand if you had not thought that, at least deep down, Andrea Angelini still has feelings for tronista Ramona Amodeo, Whom he courted last year before the beautiful Neapolitan chose Mario De Felice.

It 'just the current partner of Ramona, this time to raise the alarm through the weekly Chi. At the beginning, in fact, it was thought that the particularly surly attitude towards Andrea Amodeo was due to excessive encroachment of the latter.

Ramona and Mario, we recall, were present in the Throne Blue Andrea quality 'of opinion and it 'just in those times that between the girl and there were curious tronista squabbles.

Mario, for this, Believes that the answers are dictated only by the interest of Andrea still trying to Ramona but, apparently, is already 'been warned to stay away from if you want to save a further disappointment.

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