Friday, October 15, 2010

Mick Jagger: daughter Georgia May is facing a breakthrough as a top model

London. Experts rumors that Georgia May Jagger (18), the next British supermodel. The beauty sometimes credited for the fourth time for 'Hudson Jeans' and shows a lot of bare skin. In a photo she has nothing but a tight jeans, in another she wears a bra and her pants is open. Sometimes she lies on a bed, sometimes on the ground. The model was therefore chosen for the advertising because it fits so well. The jeans brand aimed at Americans and British, and Jagger, the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall is the American model.

"Georgia May the epitome of what constitutes' Hudson Jeans' is to try. You need to do anything she is just cool," says Hudson creative Direkor Ben Taverniti in a recent interview with the British newspaper The Daily Mail '. "This concerns literally describes their genes. Our brand DNA, the feeling of being born in California, but living in London ... and Georgia's father is Mick Jagger, a British rock legend, and her mother Jerry Hall is an American."
Jagger's daughter moves naturally before the camera and, despite her young age, not afraid to present themselves. After it has already appeared on the cover of fashion bible Vogue and has worked for big names such as 'Rimmer', 'Versace' and 'Chanel', Big is expected of her. She seems to have remained down to earth.
"It has to expectations, considering how much their parents are in their areas. But you is not gone to his head," praised Karl Lagerfeld's muse Lady Amanda Harlech, the setting of Georgia May Jagger

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