Friday, October 15, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger is 'Men in Black 3' to play in

Los Angeles. Popstar Nicole Scherzinger (32) was allegedly a role in 'Men in Black 3' offered. The website 'Pajiba' claims, the beautiful singer ('Come to Me') was envisaged, the girlfriend play of Boris, the evil character of actor Jermaine Clement. The singer is known for her vocal and dance talent, having a name for himself as lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls' made. The group split earlier this year and it now appears that the musician is open to exploring new career paths.

The 'Men in Black "series is regarded as one of the most successful of the genre and Hollywood star Will Smith in the third part of his role as Agent Jay resume when back his character in the 60s arrived and there Agent Kay, his henchmen in the first two strips, meets a younger age. It has already been announced that actor Josh Brolin assume the role of the young agent Kay is.
t is assumed that there is talk of yet another top notch artists, such as the British actress Gemma Arterton, screen veteran Alec Baldwin and the South African Star Sharlto Copley, for participating in the film. Rumored to be Hollywood Star Baldwin a 'Men in Black' Boss play from the 60's and are the beautiful Arterton a secretary.
The third part is currently in production in 2012 in theaters. Fans of the singer would be happy to Nicole Scherzinger may be admired on the screen

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