Thursday, October 21, 2010

Niurka Marcos less accepted in Look Who's Dancing

The withdrawal of Niurka Marcos Come Dancing program not happy and left many satisfied. Although Cuba had knee problems, do not believe that this has been the occasion of his retirement from show.

The output of the Empress is believed to be a bad relationship he had with the judges, Horacio Villalobos, Alejandra Guzman, and Bianca Marroquin, who perhaps did not like the disrespectful behavior of the Cuban.

Niurka Too bad the show was removed because he was giving good ratings, I take them by surprise, Bianca took Alejandra and say on their backs so they dared not tell her in her face, strong penalty who spoke after the Cuban was.

It makes me a coward by Niurka have retired and left them the last of his repertoire, I do not see Cuba after the program and learn what they said about it, to keep quiet.

Sometimes things do not go in vain; it may be because of something she should realize not all she thought sympathetic to his character.

But hey, that's the business, can not be tiny gold to be liked at all.

This was the letter that Niurka put on your Facebook page:
Hi, I'm here ... I never went ... not ever leave them alone ... And is that things look different from the front ... so I come from there ... It's like a huge screen that shows the development of this very controversial story.

I Niurka Marcos, vulgar dancing well, not left irreverent, scandalous women, Queen of the rating, the great mother, unstable in love, big star, the Empress, the rich girl, that some love and others hate, but always want to see, because he dares or because you risk, because they fear or because they no longer fear ...

First of all, thanks to all the people who remain my supporters or not, have delivered an opinion, disapproving of the circumstances and based on the fact that reality is imposed, because a real picture is worth a thousand stories manipulated. So I laugh at those who dare to underestimate the audience, forgetting that knowledge makes them free and gives them the right to get involved.

He publicly apologized for my disrespect to those who deserve it (Bianca Marroquin and Alejandra Guzman), because I never went to them, but they have not taken into account and that really awakens my fingers want to do again, but I stand by you ... I am proud to have shown awareness and how it operates well, is my way of thanking...

As Horacio Villalobos, there are none as blind as those who will not see, so I believe that apologies should be reciprocal, since many studies were lack of respect which has been expressed by stating their qualifications. For this reason I reacted by removing the finger, I will be vulgar, but not crazy and I'm not alone (cause and effect).

I am what I was taught to be disrespectful to the power misused and aware that my behavior does not necessarily have to be approved, but even so the authenticity is what I have been characterized. For better or for worse, my actions are consistent with what I have always represented the humility to recognize that the public living artists, media, television, radio ... and in the interactive era, the internet sites visited both...

With regard to the "Look Who's Dancing" still do not understand the game without my rating and that you never expected so much ... why I have said time and again that I am not legally nominated ... and it really distresses me is to read in all internet portals charges you, the public, articulated, deceit, disrespect by the judges, manipulated and even favoritism promotional unfounded. I'm really confused and not understand the mechanics of the competition, realizing that you are equally surprised. In other words, the jury may be rude, but not Niurka Marcos, if nominated and if you dance you do not dance, cheer you, something like that, right?

I, for one, I notice that I abstain until I explain it to see if I follow and I swear that the only thing I have not gone, it's for you, for the enthusiasm they have invested in my defense, because if not, pal 'damn, builders that ended the mix ... ha, ha, ha! (Beep)

So that you do not lose the habit, or confused, or distracted ... because forever, I, AM, Niurka Marcos.

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