Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paris Hilton wants to be Queen of Charity now!

In his own words, there is currently no help for Paris Hilton more important than to those in need. The hotel heiress: "My community service is really important to me. The wild days are numbered. "This devotion, however, could well have something to do with the fact that the 29-year-olds at risk of jail, they should not fulfill their obligations.

Paris at the weekend was practicing in her new role as a Good Samaritan . Now, they expressed the first time in an interview about her new life as a good person, "If you celebrated in your life a lot, you come eventually to a point in your life when it gets boring. I will continue to develop and bigger and better than ever before. "

May arrest has its last Paris eyes open really. Perhaps it is the fact that they will try in future, a better model for the daughter of her lover Cy Waits to be .

How much really at the new Hilton image is tuned to be seen well before the expiry of the 200 community service. Then Paris can prove that it has become quite without conditions, a better person. Until then, however, first to even less glamorous services in homeless shelters in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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