Thursday, October 7, 2010

Top model Lara Stone talks for the first time about their alcohol addiction

London. Lara Stone (26) ventures on a taboo subject and speaks publicly about her alcoholism. She at last year treated for their addiction. The top model is glad that it has dared to take this step Because his life was spiraling out of control. The Dutch have only realized after escape drama in what she was. "I've lost a lot of weight doing nothing I think this had anything to do with not drinking," she confessed in an interview with the British magazine 'Vogue'.

"It took a while until everything had disappeared. It is now a half years ago. I was only 25 I am so glad I did it so early and not later, if I had had a family and a lot . would have ruined my life from my life now is so much better: My Work My relationship with my family Previously, I was very angry about many things I've yelled at my agent on the phone, cried and was just in a panic "It was a good year for the blonds beauty, she has landed a contract with Calvin Klein on land and its partner, the British comedian David Walliams, married. Overall, Lara Stone could not be happier. The blonds, it still can not know that Calvin Klein wanted to work with her and know that it has changed their lives. "The word 'Supermodel' reminds me of the real supermodels of the 90s, think, not to me. They are the real supermodels. I feel there ... say live. But Calvin Klein has an incredible history behind it and the photos we have shot different from the ones I do otherwise. Such contracts do not come often. It takes the worry 'Do I get another job? me someone is engaged for this season? " This is backed up with it, "said a delighted Lara Stone

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