Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"X Factor": For Urban Candy was nevertheless concluded

Cologne. It was as expected: Marc Markowski (28), Roman Schwitalla (27) Candy and Hammer (25), cobbled together by George Urban Candy Trio luck, gets on with 'X Factor' not one step more. The third live show entitled "Kings and Queens of Pop" showed once again that the hammer singer Candy did not harmonize with the two men rapping. For the small eccentricity Erin is expected to be particularly bitter off.

Also for Marlon Bertzbach it was again a bit tight, because he, as always, not always hit every note with pinpoint accuracy. Urban Candy had to line up for final decision again with the Seeed song "Ding" and in this case Marlon Bertzbach, who performed the song "Last Request" by Paolo Nutini. Till Brönner finally decided to Urban Candy: "It's an incredibly thankless situation - I'm almost overwhelmed I was ok the performance of two acts, but not so this is a singing competition and I take out my internal calculator, because the one.. fair decision. The bottom line is 'Urban Candy' through. " This Sarah Connor was the only juror nor their three protégés in the race.

Absolute highlights: Edita Abdieski with a knotless "Respect" by Aretha Franklin and Pino Severino with a convincing performance to James Brown's classic "It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World". Sarah Connor's "Respect" Edita was prompt for her appearance, however, the juror wishes for the next show more feeling of Edita. Mentor Till Brönner had good and bad news: "The bad news is that a great many candidates are now look old next to you The good thing is that we only show in 3, we have five more shows to new facets of you.. to show. "

Pino Severino, who last week was among the two most ill-placed candidate to ensure his performance of "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World" for Making the jury. George Glueck warns: "You are with me lost a lot of sympathy points because you have become my calculations." Mentor Sarah Connor versrand do nothing and countered: "There is now shooting starts I found the hammer geil.
what you did. Your world has trembled a bit, you now have the other side of show business to know 'and have all the anger out in the performance. "

Mati Gavriel, however, not really impressed with a so-Lala-version of the Queen classic "Do not Stop Me Now". During his performance he showed physical exertion and crashed with an unintentional somersault off the stage, totally undeterred he sang it. Nevertheless, George warned him luck against arrogance: "You are the true artists among the singers in this competition, however, are Freddy.
.'s Shoes too big "Sarah Connor is proud of her protégé:" I think you're making the show so special, you have for me the 'X Factor'. "

Insert Even Anthony Thet from Till Brönner category of over-25s has critics. Sarah Connor. "I think that your vocal performance was very thin these rock songs I find to be forced." And Judge George Glueck sees no development in Anthony: "The competition is so great, you have to break out, I think it's boring."

The final Act was finally the four of "Big Soul" which is a self-confident and powerful performance with the song "Free Your Mind" from "En Vogue" they laid - Standing Ovation Mentor George Glueck and ("Let's make history!") Juror Sarah Connor are the result. Sarah Connor admits, "that they have chances to the final of 'X Factor'."

Not only the "X Factor" candidates said yesterday it all: The British, three-time Grammy-winner Seal performed on the show for the first time on German television, his brand new single "Secret" from his album "Commitment".

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