Friday, November 26, 2010

Eva Longoria: Down with Love Tattoos by Tony Parker!

Lowest rates guaranteed is so rare that they stay together throughout their lives and therefore it has been a "naive" to choose a permanent love of proof in the form of a tattoo. Whether Avril Lavigne, David Beckham or Sarah Connor - who and celebrities carried the partner of her body and goes after the laser removal. Many Eva Longoria has not only out of blind Romance "NINE" (jersey number of Tony Parker) in the neck let tattoo, but also her wedding date "07:07:07" immortalized on the wrist.

Date for the divorce would be plenty of room says the Potts chalk and it's not exactly uncommon for "Tattoos" tell a life story, but Eva Longoria wants to chapter "Tony Parker" as quickly as possible to banish from their lives. Therefore, it has also distinctive in the state of Texas filed for, because there can be a separation has taken place in 6 weeks. Yeah so I imagine the Wild West, as does one just "short shrift". Eva Longoria is on their tattoos for a little longer have their joy, since that can not be removed in a few weeks.

Incidentally, it was recently rumored that Tony Parker had cheated on her allegedly with 9 women. Unbelievable is not it? Coincidences exist! That is exactly the number of his former "Spurs" jerseys, but some insiders have always exaggerate and is unfortunately stuck at this number...

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