Monday, November 15, 2010

Kristen Stewart and sexy stripper here the photos

The sexy performance of Kristen Stewart in “Welcome to the Rileys 'you will not see a movie, at least according to the statement of the star a few weeks ago. But for fans of the actress here that are spreading some photos of this famous strip of which they talked so much, and for which the protagonist seems to have studied a true professional.

The Daily Mail shows us some shots of Kristen strip that runs in front of his colleague James Gandolfini, where it is truly uninhibited, with fishnet stockings and high heels, make-up look sharp and mischievous, the polar opposite of the face soap and water for Bella Swan.

Stewart seems very comfortable in this part, so he fully revealed his disappointment when the production of the film announced that the hot sequence would be cut. This choice, apparently unfounded, however, has helped to trigger the interest in the details of the strip.

Apparently, the companion of Robert Pattinson likes to play this role far from flat, and is said in " Breaking Dawn , "currently in production, his character will very often without veils .

In response to "Eclipse", then, the ambitions of Kristen as a dancer lap-dance will be fully satisfied.

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  1. i dont kristen to be seen like this