Friday, November 26, 2010

Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

What? You do not know Lil Kim? This ensures you have heard them play, because in Germany, the U.S. rapper also landed quite a few hit. Particularly successful she was with us with the cover song "In the Air Tonight", as they recorded together with the "real" Phil Collins. In "Lady Marmalede" could find the good Kim Mya, Pink, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott resonate even her butt? "Kimnotyze" with DJ Tomekk and Trooper Da Don has at least in this country developed as a true classic, otherwise the small Kim enjoys in neither her native United States nor a big name recognition status. Nevertheless, it was recently musically probably not good enough, so has Mrs. Kim a giant rage and makes it straight to newcomer Nicki Minaj out.

Somehow, the two women get their hair and even though Lil Kim says colleague to tower over her, she had a bitter mudslinging on one. For over one year from wife Kim fired a hate triad after another and the question is really "? Does something necessary," and apparently even as it also sees the dissed Nicki Minaji. In a fairly long statement it regretted that some people have needed to thrive on hatred. If you can not say anything nice, then shut up and if you are bitter, then Take care of your own for your life. This saying has probably forgotten and so did Lil Kim a radio interview to a statement carried away in pretty self abstention lavender

"That was so sweet of her! Sluts as they make such a shit. Talking quietly you whore, it's easy to babble when album sales are not out yet. If you already begin to talk about history, let us talk about the fucking history books, dammit! Bitch, I got a Grammy you bitch! I have number 1 hits, my sweet! Source is my last album 5 mother fucking where microphones, whore! What shit has to get you? "

What’s wrong? How embarrassing is this please? Apparently Lil Kim gets on her supposed manager each time a dollar, if they word "bitch" and "whore" in the mouth takes it. The Pottshalk it will indeed be pretty embarrassing, but still entertaining in a funny way somehow. Hey I'd otherwise surely hardly written the article, so girls on to the next round!

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