Friday, November 26, 2010

Miley Cyrus meets with Billy Ray for divorce

The celebrations for her birthday are over, at least for now, and Miley Cyrus has to deal with the harsh realities facing his family to the brink of collapse. It seems that the young man is trying all avenues to bring Billy Ray and Tish, now decided to divorce, even going to struggle hard with his father.

According to the latest news that tell the private life of Miley , the latter had decided to speak alone with dad Billy to try to appease, but without getting any results and by changing only the man, now decided not to go back on his feet. Here are the words that Ray told her daughter.

You have to stop trying to get us back together. Our marital problems are not solved, we are divorcing.

A phrase dry, concise, but did not give up Cyrus from his intent, even as rispostoa tone here also shows a certain maturity.

I've always taught that you have to work hard for the things you want in life ... So why do not you are willing to work harder to keep our family together?

It is said that the beautiful Hannah Montana feels responsible for this separation, and there are many who think that some of his own behavior uninhibited represent an attempt to attract the attention of parents. To note this is a sexy place in the "Parents Television Council, which has emphasized this change.

Until recently, Miley Cyrus was seen as a character suitable for families and children, but this sudden change has really caught our attention.

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