Friday, November 26, 2010

Russell Brand is learning to drive in L.A.

British comedian and new husband of Katy Perry have a new goal in life: Take your License of lead in Los Angeles.

What will be harder for Brand: Controlling a car or your wife? We do not know. For now, he is learning how to deal with cars. To learn how to control Katy Perry it much is takes more than a classes. Lessons to be learned about the day to day, and very caring, we hope.

Well, back to the subject of future License of Russell. A source told the following: "In the past, Russell has been paraded around Los Angeles for Katy. Now he wants to be an independent and therefore husband will release their License lead“.

Look, I would die to be walked from street to street by a wife as beautiful as Katy, but hey, I do not like to make a charge. So I feel good that Russell do this to learn to drive.

Separate Brand is leveraging its class’s management to do something for charity: "A beggar approached Russell at traffic lights asking for money. And as soon as Russell saw the man, took $ 20 from his wallet and handed the beggar. Russell seemed very happy with what he had done, so much so that even joked telling me to wait in the same light the next day. " Good luck with the license, Russell Brand. Greetings to your beautiful wife Katy Perry.

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