Monday, December 6, 2010

Justin Bieber did not attend "Wetten, dass ..?" By accident of a participant : accident, canceled, justin, German program Celebrities | Advertising |

Everything was ready for Justin Bieber attends the famous television program, "Wetten, dass ..?"Broadcasting in Germany, but the baby decided to cancel his appearance due to accident happened to Samuel Koch while trying to do a trick in the program.

Samuel Koch had five minutes to jump out of 5 cars in motion, when I was on the third trick did not turn out as expected, ended with several wounds and injuries despite being protected Helmets and knee, then was sent to University Hospital of Dusseldorf.

What has to do Justin Bieber with all this? Justin had planned to attend the program but after the accident canceled his appearance and told his fans via Twitter, so do not wait and pray for Samuel and his family.

"I just want my people in Germany know that I will not be tonight because Wetten Dass an accident has taken place there and not think it is correct to continue. Please pray for Samuel Koch and his family, his health and safety. I'm sorry we could not go tonight, but some things are more important to do a show. "

The television program was broadcast live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, thousands of people have seen the unfortunate accident and was later posted on YouTube for the rest of the world could see, and here are the video.

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