Friday, December 17, 2010

Justin Bieber: "Never say never" nominated for Oscar

The song “Never say never , "which was part of the soundtrack of the movie " The Karate Kid ", which was interpreted as a duet by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith , has entered the list of award nominees to be Oscar .

It will be a tough fight to be among the finalists, but there is no doubt that it is quite an accomplishment for Justin, given his short career, carving into a tremendous event. Is that who would have thought that the song “Never say never "would be considered as a possible winning the Oscar in the category "Best Original Song"? I think very few were betting on it, and I was not exculpation.

But as I said, winning this award will mean a very difficult task, because the other nominated songs (a total of 41), are also very good.

Some of them are: "Alice" (from "Alice in Wonderland ')," There's a place for us "(from" The Chronicles of Narnia 3 ")," Better Days "(from Eat, Pray Love ")" We Belong Together "(from" Toy Story 3 "), among other great pieces of music, and very good films.

I do not know if Justin and Jaden come to be among the finalists, but this is something big in their careers. Moreover, it is the only good news for Bieber, and has also been chosen by Forbes as the most influential person of the year in Twitter. Congratulations!

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