Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kristen Stewart is still afraid Reese Witherspoon?

The filming of "Water for Elephants" is over for some months and Reese Witherspoon Robert Pattinson and no longer worked together since then. But there are those who firmly believe that the blond actress is still a threat to my colleague Kristen Stewart, because in reality it would still have designs on beautiful twenty-four English.

This hypothesis is rooted in some sites of international gossip, so that the couple formed by Robert Reese, and was renamed Rob spoon, a bit 'too much like the word Robs ten, but indicates that the bond between the two stars of “Twilight.” Here are some fresh declarations of Witherspoon:

I'm not going to lie. Robert is a very, very nice. It is sweet and affectionate and has the most beautiful family ... He is a sensitive soul.

It is said that if the relationship between Reese and the agent Tim Toth would finish, the beautiful star will not miss a minute before taking advantage of R-Patz, although they run between ten years of difference.

In fact, according to the latest claims of Witherspoon, his hormones are in turmoil and feels he can live his sexuality, much better than a few years ago. Who knows whether Pattinson will be willing to wreak upon him these animal instincts of my colleague?

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