Thursday, December 9, 2010

Laura Esquivel: "In love, just wait"

It is definitely a good girl Laura Esquivel. In the coming days, the actress, singer and presenter of Argentina, known mostly for being the star of "The Patty" will be in Italy for an exhibition during a charity match, and these days has issued a ' interview in which he talks about his future.

Laura is going to finish school. It's a girl who can take very high ratings, although busy all day with the world of entertainment, including television recordings and world tours. He's always a plus, and when asked to do art projects, there are literally thrown headlong, passionate as it is to his work and his art.

But please, do not talk to her’s love. Reserved as who plays the heroine, Laura Esquivel does not have a boyfriend or a fling, or anything that would deprive valuable time at the school, family, and friends and of course to work. Also seems a bit 'like Selena Gomez, Laura feels a little' too 'small' for an important story.

Laura has said in a video interview, blushing from time to time, after talking with great enthusiasm of his art projects for the future:

When people ask me if I have a boyfriend or at least I found love, I answer that these things just have to wait ... Just wait and love will be presented.

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