Saturday, December 18, 2010

Luz Elena Gonzalez Villanueva Mayrin fight over Arath de la Torre

During the inauguration of the set where the family record "Pancho Lopez" in a family with luck, Juan Osorio presented the main love triangle, two very different women who fight for the love of Arath de la Torre.

"This will house the family 'Lopez', here is Mayrln Villanueva and Luz Elena Gonzalez, 'Rebecca' and 'Chela' will fight for the love of 'Pancho' personified by Arath de la Torre," said the producer.

The production team should arrive at 6 am to assemble the set and start shooting the first scenes during the day, where 'Rebecca' seeks help to 'Chela' with 'Pancho' to convince a subject that everyone desirable, but also realizes the love he feels the character of Luz Elena by the leader of the family 'Lopez'.

"I play a good guy, sweet love with good intentions, measured, but also understands what she believes is the best and good, besides saving all the hidden love he feels for his brother and the truth is something very nice very different from what he had done throughout my career, giving this shift, says John, who thanks to him I have this opportunity, who believed in me, "said the actress.

Other cast members who were referred to are Paul Lyle, Sherlyn, Alejandra Garcia and Popeye, the dog of 'Lee', who never stopped Arath caress and flatter, because an animal is quite intelligent and well trained that even made a Luis Miguel imitation barking when the actor asked.

"It's very noble, what I like is that animals are beings who are not tainted," said the actor.

While rehearsing, Arati and left Mayrln no joke, still demonstrating his talent acting for some of the most important scenes of the beginning of a lucky family.

"For it is rare, it is rare because it is the first time you face your geography, good actor you get to see where you're going to spend much time in your life as an actor and character, then we are in the process and I welcome you to the house of 'Pancho Lopez, "concluded Arath de la Torre.

Do not miss most of the surprises of a family fortune and his spectacular debut in Mexico on February 14, 2011!

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