Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pharmacist "rises" to Kim Kardashian

The recipe for the revival of celebrities and is known: The tycoon Stewart Rahr pharmacist donated $ 500,000 to restore the "digital life" to Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and company.

We all knew that medicine would be quite expensive, but fortunately there who can afford. The trouble is that just as he was not given. The main idea of a campaign of donation is to encourage ordinary people like us to collaborate, whether it's a dollar, the issue is to create awareness among us about a specific cause, and representing the campaign of "Digital Death” Was on children infected with HIV in the poorest areas of Africa and India.

People with great wealth, as Stewart Rah Should not wait until there is a campaign for new work. But hey, you're done. Although I am not sure what will your mobile to pay that much money. If children did so well, but if he did so Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga or return any of the celebrities to use their accounts Twitter or Facebook your donation is nothing noble.

Anyway the good news is that the money already and children are the big winners.

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