Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Robert Pattinson can not drive

Thanks to its interpretation of the vampire Edward Cullen in " Twilight "Robert Pattinson has become one the most famous and one of the most wanted men in the world. Yet even the handsome dark Pattinson has a flaw, common to other stars of Hollywood has serious problems driving.

In an interview with the popular American talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Pattinson has in fact admitted:

I am not able to drive. It's something absolutely terrifying.

If any consolation, it must be said that is not the only young Hollywood celebrities to have problems with driving. Even fellow protagonist of the saga "Harry Potter", the 21 year old Daniel Radcliffe , has got the license last year alone and with great difficulty.

But it seems that the problem is extended to other British actors: the rising star Carey Mulligan, who plays "Wall Street 2" and former Shia LaBeouf , has just passed the driving test, while Russell Brand is taking lessons to become independent of the neo wife Katy Perry , which so far is forced to accompany him everywhere. In short, right-hand drive looks like a big problem for the British, especially for young actors.

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