Friday, December 3, 2010

Security assaults photographer Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is plagued by both his fans and by the paparazzi that in trying to get a snapshot have to deal first with his burly team Security.

On Friday, outside a hotel New York, an incident occurred that surely Justin not want to be made public: The Photographer Celebrity, Jason Nicholas, says he was beaten by a member of the Security the young Canadian singer, while only dedicated to their work.

Nicholas said he was on the outside of Hotel London, New York, hoping to capture some pictures of Kylie Minogue, when he suddenly realizes that the team Security of Justin Bieber was leaving hotel. He decided to move a step towards gaining a photos the singer of "Baby" and was at that moment when a member of the Security of Justin what attacked.

"I pushed her against the SUV (a truck). Became very aggressive and this all happened in front of own Bieber, Who just went straight to the car, but in the end, I could happily get some photos.

"The Photographer says he suffered injuries in the back by the altercation, and that an ambulance had to take the Priest Hospital Weill-Cornell New York, where he was diagnosed a muscle strain.

Okay, so soon Photographer not intended to establish a trial against Security of Justin, But it sure does have in mind something useful out of the situation (what do you think it is?).

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