Saturday, December 11, 2010

The star of Jersey Shore make pornography?

A company in the industry pornography would have been offered to Angelina Pivarnick a considerable sum to agree to participate in a film for adults.Being a star of a reality brings a bit of fame, if you know how to handle, could serve as a platform to launch a career as an actor in other programs.

However, not all deals that happen to a reality have to do with conventional action, but rather, and I think most of the pornography is trying to recruit as many girls. If not, speak Pivarnick Angelina, who is one of the "stars" of “Jersey Shore.”

The adult entertainment company, vivid, wants to have her for a movie pornographic based precisely on the aforementioned reality. And in order to convince her, has set a very tempting price: U.S. $ 50.000, apart from 25% of what they collect the DVD.

Also, the contract would set a minimum of two hours of the artist holding relationships sex and an hour to unwrap a sexy role of the character being represented.We do not know if Angelina will accept or not. But we do not know if you receive other offers.

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