Sunday, January 16, 2011

Green Day "Awesome as f ** k" out on March 22

The Californian band Green Day releases their second disk live and a DVD on 22 March this year. So fans of Billie Joe and Co. have a new material for his collection.

Green Day is a band that has earned the respect of all for his long career in the music circuit. Since they made their appearance very early in the nineties, have been showing great talent and evolve over time to add new fans to their music, Which not only appeals to those adolescents inventors but teenagers now.

That's why, to further enhance its effectiveness, the band has developed a new disk live (the first and only thing they have so far was "Bullet in a Bible" released in 2005) with a peculiar title and not suitable for minors, if you will: "Awesome as F ** k" which, besides being a disk double, will DVD, Which appear important concert scenes that offered in Japan last year.

The topics included in the disks are those which were recorded during his tour "Breakdown 21st Century", held in 2010. Not yet released a list of songs, but surely the fans and have no idea what might be.

For now, I leave the trailer DVD.

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