Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kristen Stewart does not want to do another film with Robert Pattinson

Actress Kristen Stewart and you have no other movies next Robert Pattinson, Is uncomfortable and it's difficult when they have to do sex scenes.

By the time Kristen is filming the fourth installment of Twilight, Breaking Dawn, next to Robert and has realized that she's tired of feeling uncomfortable when you're Robert and have to write sex scenes, so do not want to do more films with him.

Daily Star reports that Kristen and Robert will "Perform solo projects from now". That means that Dawn may be the last film you have together. A source told the newspaper: "It was a hard work to represent love scenes is intense when a couple in real life."

What happens is that they find it difficult to have a relationship and making this kind of scenes in any film: "They want to maintain some sort of exclusivity in their love life. Both have created magic in effortlessly movies Twilight, but now they are waiting to take on new roles, away from each other. "

What does Robert of all this? he is busy looking for a place to go and live with Kristen: "Rob, said they will be thinking of buying a place in the year 2011. They are young but they know it's OK, they believe they are soul mates. He hopes to finally get time to be a partner, ““They are looking for a place in Los Angeles or New York City".

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