Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lady Gaga: record earnings for 2011

There are various types of artists. There are those whose fame is based primarily on their eccentric lifestyles outside of work and those who, instead, they speak of themselves for their work. Lady Gaga definitely belongs to this second category and apparently, his strategy seems to be winning.

Indeed, the gossip about his private life are few, other than a few pictures stolen and spends his free time next to Carl Luc, but for the rest singer stirs media attention to episodes of pure eccentricity occurring on stage or in his public appearances.

Despite a few cries from the point of view of gossip, however, Lady Gaga has proven to be a real money machine and, apparently, this does not abandon its efficiency even for 2011.

According to the Daily Mail, which in turn quotes Forbes Magazine as the source, the earnings of the stars scheduled for the coming year would amount to 100 million dollars. A similar prediction is based on the potential revenue from tours, merchandise and artist collaborations, which would see almost, doubled the earnings of last year that they were maintained at "only" about $ 64 million.

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