Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alicia Villarreal about to be established

Legal problems continue to Alicia Villarreal , then confiscated the furniture in his house after losing a lawsuit for wrongful termination in October 2010, filed by Jose Reyes Martinez, one of its former workers (initially only asked for 30,000 pesos and now he plays a compensation of 1 million 800 thousand dollars), he said.

Now, Joseph G. Martinez, plaintiff's attorney is asking the roots for the singer on the grounds that Alice tries to leave the country. Tell us what you think about the situation being experienced by Alicia Villarreal?

In an interview with TV Notes, counsel for the former coach said that Alice tried to go to America, "but returned because it has a charge in that country," he said.

For now, the interpreter groper belongings are being auctioned at a price much lower than the original.

Among the items are two vans, one room and a chair, and it seems that the last two have already owns, as a lady said: "I love him because he sat there 'the guerita'."

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