Monday, February 28, 2011

Anne Hathway & James Franco: Oscar host with Oscar chances?

Credit where credit is born and it can probably no greater honor for an actor to give the Oscar to moderate. Of course, apart from getting the coveted film award. Anne Hathaway and James Franco will lead us as a moderator Dream Team through the evening and that could even move the pot Schalk to the Oscars after the usual "show," on the red carpet to look further. Today, incidentally, the official nominations were announced, and perhaps, too Anne Hathaway or James Franco Nominees. That would be a cool action!

Which films had the woman Hathaway in 2010 at the start? Love and Other Drugs (lead), Valentine's Day (Supporting Actor) and Alice in Wonderland (second role: White Queen)! Apart from the entertainment factor of this film works, I see as a real opportunity rather black. In James Franco However, I could well imagine that he is nominated for his performance in the truly crass realistically rendered mountaineering drama "127" Hours for an Oscar.

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