Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brave! This turns Miley Cyrus stunt scenes

The nerve! Miley Cyrus (18) is precisely for her new movie "So Undercover" on camera. During the filming she has gained not only a friend - she and her film colleague Kelly Osbourne (26) are now inseparable yes - but has its limits tested.

On Wednesday, namely, a scene was on the roof of the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans program. How Miley is brave, she made some of her stunt scenes themselves simply .

To see in the action of the Miley Cyrus .Sometimes they beat up a man on the roof and then they will move to the balcony railing of the hotel. Solely the jump from balcony to the roof took a stunt woman for the former Hannah Montana 'actress.

In the action-comedy play the 18-year-old private investigator that can infiltrate undercover for the FBI in a college. Let's see what daring stunt scenes, we can expect from the young actress in the film.

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