Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's hair cut

Justin Bieber decided to dispose of his famous hair and another celebrity has chosen the same. It is Jennifer Aniston The popular 'Rachel' in the memorable series "Friends." Would you fit, or what is wrong? What do you think?

All we have ever seen the series "Friends" we remember very well the hairstyle that became so famous Jennifer Aniston. I do not know if because of that cut the series was so popular; as it would mean to say, but I am sure that cut of hair "Rachel" was one of the reasons why many girls, especially, did not miss a single episode of that series.

However, Jennifer Aniston, The actress who gave life to that character and that had that beautiful hair has decided cut the Hair and appear as we see in the picture last night in Madrid, Spain as part of the promotion of film "Just go with it", who stars with Adam Sandler.

I think that evil is not seen, but hair I had liked me before, anyway.

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