Monday, February 21, 2011

Lindsay Lohan: "I take seriously sobriety"

I do not think everyone will believe that Lindsay Lohan has remained sober since he left Betty Ford. At least have had a relapse, right? Well, she swears that it is taking seriously, and so much more stressed now after dawn in the bed of his ex Samantha Ronson.

When we all learned that Lindsay Lohan had been up all night with Samantha Ronson, the press began to assemble a series of stories that have not been completed to clarify. For example, some media reported that Lindsay had been drinking and got out of the truck, had fallen on the track. Before this, Lindsay wrote in his Twitter account the following:

"What the press says I was in local Teddys is false. I only went to Roosevelt to meet with Samantha and wish you happy Birthday to a friend. "

Then, the actress said the following, to deflate the rumors you have slipped back into the lure of alcohol: "I take sobriety in serio.Por please ask them not to believe the allegations are of that type. I know the rules and I venture to challenge them. L fondly. "

Well, only time will tell if Lindsay is being taken seriously sobriety. I think I already said before, in any case, I reaffirm to say I believe him. I do not know why. Maybe because I like him and wish him well.

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