Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prince throws Kim Kardashian on the concert stage!

What has Kim Kardashian at all of the concert stage by Prince lost? Some guy pulled up and since she had probably hoped that they not just standing around like a stiff tree trunk in the area. Hi Kim!! Move your ass once you're on a Prince concert and not a boring stand-up party.

A little to the bottom in JLO style wobbled and the small size radio singer would have probably not thrown from the stage. "Get off the stage!" Giggling like a girl Shu-bye Kim Kardashian. Mega embarrassing action, while it would have been their chance once their "stage talent" shows.

You must not exactly on a "Hip Hop"-Demi Moore make, but a couple of moves you would not have hurt. Finally, they will still be a singer, but with the non-existent "Vibe" her career she can now say farewell to know...

Because it was really so beautiful is the scene again from a slightly closer perspective:

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