Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Robert Pattinson: Soon as a folk singer in the movie?

Let Robert Pattinson (24) may soon be a music legend Jeff Buckley († 30) in the cinema? The Twilight star is literally burn out the coveted role to get. Jeff Buckley was killed just three years after his debut album at the age of just 30 years. Only after his death, he was really famous.

Jeff's death is shrouded in legend. On 29 May 1977 he is fully clothed in the Mississippi bound to be. Whether it was suicide or if it floods in the depth of the torn, could never really be resolved. His body was only discovered a week later. His subsequent best-known hit is a cover of Leonard Cohen (76) "Hallelujah".

Robert Pattinson is now, according to the British Express, literally obsessed with the idea of his, leading role to take over the coveted. His toughest rival to the article, James Franco (32) and Ryan Gosling 30) be (. But the odds are not bad for Rob, but he has been for the soundtrack of the first Twilight film contributed some pieces and is not musically talented person with security.

The mother of the late singer, Mary Guibert (62), is against not averse to the idea: "Robert is a fantastic young actor. I'm really excited that he called the same breath as this project is an in. When the time comes, everyone will get the opportunity to be seen and heard. "Yet nothing is decided, but Robert will contact security everything possible to convince at the auditions, it seems like the role tailored to the body. Filming will probably start next summer.

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