Friday, March 25, 2011

Ashley and Joe Jonas ended their relationship

Since Ashley Greeneand Joe Jonas and ended their relationship, she began to tie it, quickly, with the bassist of the band "Kings of Leon" Jared Follow ill.

However, it is not the only one who has been flirting with the actress, as Chris Evans, The actor who gives life to the new "Captain America" has also been seen very fond of Ashley.

At present, the rumor that has invaded almost all the media about the possible new relationship that would be involved actress Ashley Greene.

According to a witness, Ashley and actor Chris Evans would have been very kind on Tuesday night at the local "Trousdale" in West Hollywood. This is what the witness says about both: "They were dancing very close together. It seemed as if they had a great sexual chemistry. Ashley was almost over Chris and he certainly seemed to feel uncomfortable. "

Well, it seems that Ashley Greene has forgotten, finally, to Joe Jonas. But can this relationship with Chris Evans not go beyond a rumor or just being a flirt, because a friend of the actor has told that, "Chris is a very funny and loves girls. Just because you flirt with does not mean he is dating her. "

It is also necessary to know that Chris Evans has also been seen in attitudes very flirty with actress Glee, Dianna Agron, but what happened to Ashley Greene I guess that has not meant anything in either case. Let's wait to see if it's true.

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