Sunday, March 13, 2011

David and Victoria Beckham have a girl

One of the world's most glamorous marriages, namely, that of David Beckham and the former Spice Girl, Victoria will receive approximately July a new member to family, Which consists of themselves and their three children Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn.

I do not know if when I touch to be a father, if it ever came to be, of course, wanted to know the sex of my baby. You may not want and prefer to be a total surprise until the very moment of birth, but then I think I would be happy to go to buy things for my future son or daughter with my partner, and imagining how it would look to go with each of the garments or accessories that you buy it.

Finally, the will clarify all these doubts when you have a child. As I imagine they will be doing now David and Victoria Beckham.

Yesterday, the footballer broke the news: "Obviously, we feel very fortunate to be expecting a new baby. And this is the first time I say: It will be a small girl. We are still in shock. Is that having now three guys, which will be a girl surprising. Our three children are happy and excited, and Victoria is very good. "

What good for the family Beckham. This will be a totally different way of parenting for both, since both David as Victoria may have experience with babies, but it will be your first time raising a girl.

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