Monday, April 25, 2011

Beastly is a positive message

People tend to be superficial, are set only on the outside and nothing inside, so Vanessa Hudgens says that film Beastly brings positive message young people who are superficial.

One thing certain is that we should not be superficial, we can get disappointed. Vanessa Share it: "It is a beautiful Message: Do not judge a book by its cover.” "It's an amazing thing to retell a classic tale, especially for secondary school children where this is all that is coming and what you are using," adds the actress.

Vanessa also said he never felt pressured to dress and looks a certain way because of his fame: "Not really. I mean I like the look of clothing because I am very fashionable, "so it's a pretty solid excuse to really go for it and finish doing the things that would not normally do every day," he concluded Hudgens.

True, Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful film where looks are the least important, the important thing is the interior. People should take more account of the latter.

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