Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia 8 Island of the Famous

It will last for a week's stay Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia all 'Famous Island 8: call to stimulate the public rather than 'pacify' the gloomy climate of the island, which has already resumed his usual routine after a relaxing visit Simona Ventura.

He is particularly happy adventure of the prince and his two daughters, enthusiastic about the father's departure for Honduras. Emanuel also says happy, even if it hides a bit of concern: "I hope to survive“.

The audience asks the same question, because the prince is preparing to face the living room 'without clothes'.

In an interview, Prince says his experience on the Island where it will arrive next Tuesday, April 5 with the usual launch from a helicopter (which so shook Simona Ventura also last week).

After repeatedly refused the invitation to join the cast of the program and his opposition to the role afforded it by the Ventura left the island for this year (at least according to what he had said in the interview), Emanuele Filiberto has done 'now 'persuaded to leave the' sweaty papers' of his first novel would almost have to wonder why so many misgivings when in fact a couple of years ago, he enthusiastically agreed to join the group of competitors in the reality of abortion then Channel 5 The Tribe - Mission India.

The fact is that in recent days has been rebuilt on the Ventura, breaking down the last of the Savoy resistance "I know Simon has long - Said the prince - Between us there is a beautiful relationship. He insisted so much and we'll talk about a few days ago ...“.

Luggage ready (and cut to the bone, because the prince has declared that it intends to present on the island only covered by the cover of his first book to be a bit 'of advertising), booked a flight to Honduras, the Prince will join the survivors for a week as guest. There was no time to prepare for an adventure (even with a pair of tanning beds to hide the 'pale' post-winter) and apologizes with the public: "We'll have to see me pallid or, "said the prince, who imagines the island's experience as quite a jump from my life“. “The idea, however, I enjoy - Added Emanuele Filiberto - Simon and I admit that seeing the island gave me courage“.

Within a week, for the avoidance of ocean storms, it will be difficult to win the Prince a bit 'of tan, the harder it is, however, win the sympathy of the survivors, now exhausted by hunger, strife, the opposition group, the antipathy and closer to the standard of the tenants of the House of GF than to that of a group of survivors struggling with the difficulties of a hostile territory. Lost that has transformed the way we look at an Island 'desert'?

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