Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kelly Osbourne: I'm not fat

When it comes to comment on the weight some famous, all we say what we think. If this actress is fat or Skinny than they had surgery. One of the famous who's always stuck in These Issues Is Kelly Osbourne, Who Said it always has is fat dropped Even When Several kilos.

Earlier Told that I Have not like much comment on the weight physical or subject people. For me, it all depends on how you feel good about yourself. Obviously he never is going to extremes.

But Now That I read about Some People Who Keep Calling fat to Kelly Osbourne I wonder on what to Say that basis. Did not see him right? For me it is in good shape, do not you think?

If I had the Opportunity to talk with Kelly , I Would Say That You Do Not Pay Attention to What people say and to Remain as her best choice, Which way is it looks great.

But hey, let's see what it says Kelly Osbourne on the topic: "The press keeps that I am writing Fatter and it is not true that I am Still the Same size. I Exercise for half an hour a day, as I want and I 'm happy. So I DO NOT care what you say. "

Thankfully, Kelly Osbourne Thinks that way. All Girls Should do the Same When They hear such comments. Nobody has the right to judge anyone.

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