Friday, April 8, 2011

Madonna: The FBI is investigating it

From Malawi has Madonna (52) two children adopted. These Adoptions she was also a promise: She wanted to help the country in Africa and do good. Now the FBI is investigating Madonna.

What had happened? When Madonna led in Malawi the construction of a girls' school, and collected donations for this project. $ 3,800,000 to Madonna has taken it. The construction of the school has still not begun. A new girls' school in Malawi, there will probably never, because the construction project has burst. But where are the millions who Madonna has collected? Has the Queen of Pop embezzled the money?

Even the FBI is now working with Madonna. The New York Post writes that the police authority is only through the painful case in Malawi Madonna and her charity actions hear. Against the organization "Success for Kids" will be investigated for "various irregularities and suspicious activities". Madonna is working there as an ambassador and chairwoman of the nonprofit association, with her has already taken 33 million U.S. dollars in donations. Are also arrived at the needy?

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