Sunday, June 26, 2011

Admires Britney Spears body

Although Britney Spears is receiving some criticism for his figure, worth truths, I do not think worthy of blame, there are girls who see it as an example. That is the case Demi Lovato, Who commented that the body of Britney is an inspiration.

I do not know what you think of the body Britney Spears. For me, as I said, I think its okay. It is very true that is not the same as before, but so is the fact that Britney is no longer a girl so young, for it borders the 30 years, and it is logical not look the picture of a quinceanera.

In addition, I am not alone in this, so I should not be so wrong. If before Justin Timberlake had already spoken about the body of Britney Has now been Demi Lovato which was delighted with the figure of the singer of "Till the world ends."

"The body of Britney It is definitely an inspiration! Looks so healthy and fit .. Amazing, "was what he wrote Demi your account on Twitter, praising the figure Spears. What you think the same?

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