Monday, August 22, 2011

The jungle camp clone has already lost!

"We have no more texts", that was yesterday the most entertaining two-hour set of the "Alm-lift" our ProSieben "jungle camp" clone. Daniel and Janine Kunze Aminati wanted to maintain good yesterday, but instead of a quick-witted duo presenters, there were two cards Able-end puppets that had even the name of Alm-celebrities read from a teleprompter. Yes it's damn hard to remember names or 9?

Nevertheless, I must say honestly that I have the two vorgstellt nocccch worse. In seven of the red but it is almost a tradition almost exactly to fill various items with the wrong faces. Elton vs. Simon = Johanna Klum (two sympathy and Anitpathie-bearer), summer girl = John and Jana Ina (a couple and a couple of hot bikini girls, that does not fit), 17 meters = Klaas and Joko (the show was far too traditional for the two).

Talent or complacency - What or who brings one as well then? Muuuhhhh! I dare hardly call that question until after Munich, there's someone entwacht nacher Sissi from his sleep. Speaking of sleep: "We have no texts" more dramatic irony of this phrase came into being when in the live broadcast, a deck (single player) and blew into the safety of the majority showed Offs Soderators. "Oh, we're on the air?" Ha, ha, while the cameras were bad but only reveal the Alm-celebs, but yesterday caught the first hats Textaufsager puppets.

The choice of celebrities is also the only hope bringer of that show, because apart from those unfortunate snoring nose like Rolfe Scheider, Manni Ludolf and Kathy Kelly (WARRRUMM??) Are some strong egomaniacs like "Gina I Botox Upps I Lisa" the "Get me all over Spengemann-ass," "The great super tough Tessa", the "I'm just what I've Bock Checker" and a really damn cool Bundesliga coach. The mixture of the characters fits! Super compiled that should probably say it is now just depends on what you cut it.

Unfortunately, yesterday's show yesterday was patched together as cheap as some seemed to capture images equal to "hang" for several seconds. Ask some of mine from the mouse or even the Raab says the Pottschalk, because certainly know how to make a proper live show. A red thread or tension is also sought in vain, and the scenes of the first auspicious day were frittered only in very small bites. Whenever it was exciting, there emerged a moderator grimace and pulled out one of the slightly rising "Fremdscham" flair.

The checker has as his "boss" stations do not accept and simply laid in the sun. After 5 minutes the topic and the RTL jungle camp so we could probably fill half the show, because this behavior is determined no matter how many a sour pushed open. No consequence, no resolution, no end and yesterday by Tessa Mountain Muhprobe Meier was also a joke powers of 10

Exotic cacti and lizards - What have they lost on the mountain? What is true for a daring jungle camp clone, for the following situation happen to you guarantees known: Tessa had her hand stuck in the dark in various vessels and guess what's inside. 4 of 5 points she has achieved and how did she react when she was the good news, "Hey you must to Muhprobe" told was of course not shown.

Nope, Nope, Nope, yesterday was really Alm-lift for the ass! Two carelessly assembled waxed hours that make no real appetite for more, but because of the explosive "celebrity-ending" I will now turn mix well again tonight. Only 13.7 percent of TV Nation have yesterday "Die Alm" pleased and so is the record rates of major RTL jungle camp model is not only a world away, but scratch-house almost at the flop brand, because it down not quite as much air for audiences are dwindling.

Schalk makes the pot, despite all the moaning and somehow sad. I was really looking forward to a second jungle camp, my vacation even "alm-compliant" designed and I was rewarded with such a lousy produced "jungle camp clone" ...

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